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Well project

Ed Minden, owner and operator of Minden Water Wells Inc. has been drilling wells in Northern Idaho for over 50 years. We have a very simple philosophy, use the most efficient method of drilling to obtain the best results while being cost-efficient for our customers. 

We operate under the theme of "Water for Life". There is nothing more important than water for your home or property. 

We have invested money into equipment that enables us to drill through some of the toughest terrain - terrain that would stop many other rigs. 

Family-owned and operated, Minden Water Wells offers quality workmanship, modern machinery, and advanced technology. 


Water is a necessity for life, and in remote areas of the Northwest, a well is often a necessary step in creating a home. Call Minden Water Wells and discover...

Water for Life!

Call us at:  (208) 920-9140

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